General Overview

Newly admitted attorneys who join the BHBA are referred to as Barristers. The Barristers’ Board of Governors serves this young lawyer division by providing networking activities, community service programs and pro bono opportunities to assist them in their new profession by broadening relationships through a variety of dynamic programs and events.

We like to think that the Barristers’ BOG is an important part of the BHBA as we provide a supported environment for Barrister Members where they can meet like-minded people in an effort to build their careers, give back to the community so that they become a more meaningful part of it, and also where they can offer their unique and valuable services to those in need while honing important skills and gaining invaluable experience in their new profession.

Each year, the Barristers’ BOG continues to provide interesting networking activities, such as our very successful Monthly Happy Hour and our annual VINTAGE BOUQUET™ Food and Wine Event. Also, the Barristers continue to offer community service programs, such as our monthly Roxbury Park Legal Clinic as well as new programs like our Off the Hook Project, which serves to educate young people about consumer transactions and laws surrounding them.

Importantly, the Barristers’ BOG also focuses its attention on the close relationship that the BHBA has with Public Counsel by working closely with Public Counsel’s Director of Pro Bono Services in continuing to cultivate the strong synergy amongst the organizations. Through our alliance with Public Counsel, we are proud to provide our members with the rich opportunity to participate in helping those in need through Public Counsel’s well-organized programs.


A Barrister is defined as a lawyer member of the Beverly Hills Bar Association who on the first day of an Operating Year either (i) is age thirty-seven or under, or (ii) has been admitted to practice for ten years or less and shall automatically be a member of the Barristers during such Operating Year. Student Members shall also be Members of the Barristers, but shall not be eligible to serve in an elected or appointed position of the Barristers.

The Barristers are active in many community service projects, pro bono activities and social functions through the various Barristers committees. Committee membership is open to all Barristers. The Barrister President appoints committee chairs, co-chairs and vice chairs. Many committee positions are open to law students as associate members.

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